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Norton Antivirus has an automatic Fix Now feature that runs in case of malfunction. If this feature isn’t working properly, or if your Norton not fixed, then our technical experts will help you.

If you wish to work peacefully on your PC, laptop or smartphone, you need to keep it secure from viruses, spyware and malware. These are malicious programs or software that enter your system through the Internet. It is almost impossible for the users to identify these harmful programs as they are embedded in such websites which seem to be harmless. But, once in your PC, they keep an eye on your vital data and information making them vulnerable.

If you want your computer system to operate safely, you should use an effective antivirus software. It will help you detect those malicious programs and viruses that may be hidden in your device, and eliminate them.

Norton Security is one of the most trusted antivirus software as it can protect your computer from virus attacks.

If you are encountering any error in your Norton product, then you can approach us for assistance and our technical staff will assist you in solving the issues.

Reasons for Norton Fix Now Not Working

Your Norton security product works in the background to protect you from all types of upcoming threats. If Norton Antivirus software detects any significant issues that may block your protection or affect the performance of your system negatively, it performs a fix now operation.

Sometimes, the fix now task may fail due to several reasons listed below.
  1. Your subscription has expired - If your Norton fix now doesn't work, check that you have an active subscription. To check your subscription, go to the Help option on the main window, and then click Subscription Status.
  2. You have a slow Internet connection - Your Norton product obtains the updates from the Internet. In the case of slow Internet connectivity, the crucial updates that are required to fix the issues cannot be downloaded. If your Norton not fixed even after you’ve downloaded all the updates, then connect with us for help.
  3. Your computer is infected - If your PC is severely infected, Fix Now may fail. You will have to run the Norton Power Eraser to clean up your computer.
  4. You haven’t removed the threats completely - The Norton Antivirus asks you to restart your computer, once the threats are removed. If you skip the restart at this stage, Fix Now may fail later when you run it.
  5. Protection updates are outdated - If you have updated your Norton Internet Security, you may not have the latest protection updates. Fix Now doesn’t work in this case and you’ll have to run Live Update to get the latest security updates.
  6. Live Update failure - Fix Now fails if the Live Update is not completed. To solve this issue, contact our expert technicians.
  7. Firewall does not allow the traffic - You need to ensure that the product's firewall settings are enabled to allow a particular program. For more information on how to accomplish this, you can take the assistance of our technicians.
  8. Date and time is not correct - Norton Fix Now doesn’t work if your computer’s date and time is changed manually or is incorrect. So make sure that you have set the correct date and time.
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Norton Support Phone Number 0-800-084-3613

Our third party Norton support number 0-800-084-3613 works 24×7 to ensure uninterrupted service to the customers. You can freely discuss all your doubts and questions related to the security and working of the Norton antivirus program by talking to our certified experts.

We offer the following guarantees to all our clients:
  • Diagnosis of the error or any other problem is absolutely free
  • 99% resolution of the errors
  • Money back guarantee within one month of service
  • Round-the-clock active technical support
  • UK-based technical experts
  • Resolution of issues via remote access, and much more.

So if your Norton not fixed, call our toll-free number now!

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